Making it Easier to Keep Your Organization Running, One Solution at a Time

When it comes to running a business, keeping track of employee time and security is extremely important. At Jackson & Lane Services, we ensure that your business is as secure and productive as possible. We offer effective solutions to help keep your business running smoothly every day.


Recording time and attendance data for your employees can often be a challenge. Furthermore, it can be even more difficult when that information then needs to be entered into a payroll system to make sure everyone gets paid on time. However, the experts at Jackson & Lane can help automate your system. In fact, our program moves the information from your timesheets into your accounting system automatically to ensure that your time documentation process is as effortless as possible.

Camera Systems

In recent years, video has quickly become one of the most important security measures for businesses. So, in the event of a security issue at your business, video surveillance equipment is a helpful tool to document occurrences and prove what happened to outside organizations or law enforcement.

So, whether you’re adding new camera systems to your company or simply need better management of your existing system, we can help! Hence, our comprehensive solutions allow you to get better performance and accountability out of your camera system.

Security Access

Should your employees be able to access every part of your building? Or, do you have sensitive items or data that needs to be protected? Above all, whatever your business security needs are, we can help!

ID Badges

ID badges make it easy to track your employees and make sure that you can control employee access at your business. In fact, with Jackson & Lane, it’s easy to ensure better worksite security by having us develop a comprehensive ID badge program for your company. We make it easier to keep your business safe and secure.

Demo Consultation for Solutions

If you’re not quite sure how our different systems could benefit your business, we’d be happy to show you! Our team is available to visit your business and provide a demonstration to help you find the right solution for your company.

When you work with Jackson & Lane Services, you receive the benefit of decades of security installation and maintenance experience. Discover how our solutions can benefit your business. Contact us today!


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